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Pucs & Sticks

The TV industry has come a long way since a pair of ‘Rabbit Ears’ or a VHF aerial stood precariously on top of the TV set.

Some consumers still buy into the separate TiVo units, while 8- and even 12-channel boxes are now commonplace.

Nevertheless, the death of the set-top box has been predicted for at least a decade, but it still seems remarkably resilient even if the form factor has changed. STB premium TV platforms are evolving and are Pucs and Sticks casting a real alternative to TV apps or just another way to achieve the same thing?

This IBC session ‘Pucs & Sticks: The death of the Set-Top Box?’ (8 September, 15:45, Forum) promises to find out. It will examine whether Smart TVs are the way forward with built-in Netflix or Amazon, or whether it is set-top streaming via a Roku, Google’s Chromecast or Nexus,

Vimeo, Apple, Nvidia or other gizmos that will win the day.

Alice Mascia, EVP/product strategy & management at Sky Deutschland (where she looks after their TV Everywhere, on demand and online TV propositions) will take part in the discussion. She will be joined by Craig Buckland, business development lead/media & broadcast at Vodafone, and Steve Shannon, GM/SVP content & services at Roku.