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Power Duo behind Love Island

When DoP Ben Hughes, owner of independent crewing and facilities company Fracture TV, was tasked with shooting ITV’s Love Island series this summer on Mallorca, he chose IDX’s Duo-C95 batteries to power his Arri Alexa Mini rig.

“Each Duo-C95 battery gave us more than 75 minutes of power using the Alexa Mini on the Freefly MoVI M15,” said Hughes.

“The batteries simultaneously powered the follow-focus, and I used a second Duo-C95 on the crossbar to power the video sender and monitor. We were mainly on location on beaches away from mains power so the batteries had to be reliable and deliver every time.

“The Alexa Mini’s small form factor lends itself to side-mounting power on the MoVI,” he added. “The Duo-C95 gave me all the powering options with its two D-Taps plus a USB power port in a super-slim and lightweight body.” IDX has added the ability to charge via the D-Tap at IBC, for more portable, compact charging.

The Duo-C95 has a capacity of 93Wh and delivers 14.4v nominal at 6.3Ah. Each D-Tap port can deliver up to 50W, while the USB port supplies up to 2.3A. Battery protection is provided against reverse charge, over charge, over discharge and over current.