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Portable RTM 3G on show

A smaller, rack-mountable version of the RTM 3G realtime monitoring device is on show at IBC.

The RTM 3G Portable is a 2RU version of the Video Clarity product that, like the original, can be used to scrutinise the quality of live and pre-recorded 3Gbps content and detect subtle or intermittent errors.

To make it smaller and improve reliability, the Portable incorporates SSD technology.

Using it, engineers can test the quality of any delivered service they deploy from either a broadcast interface or an IP network.

One of the key features of RTM 3G is DMOS, a full-resolution, full-reference-quality human perceptual measurement that is performed in real time. It allows users to view a channel’s quality without the complexity of setting up one or more recordings first.

When video or audio runs outside of pre-set quality measurement thresholds, RTM 3G will automatically record the unacceptable clips and log the quality scores.

Also on show at IBC is Video Clarity’s newly engineered RTM Manager, the central management appliance for the RTM monitoring products. The updated version has a redesigned interface, is quicker and now includes operational scheduling functions.

In addition, a new Server option within RTM Manager replaces the FTP function and takes the load off of the network in order to make the application faster and easier to expand.

Blake Homan, president and founder of Video Clarity, said, “We’re passionate about making broadcasters’ jobs easier, and that passion will be our focus at IBC this year. Our testing products generate invaluable data, so we’ll show how our new log-graphing tools put that data into visual context – making it easier to use it to its greatest potential.”