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Pocket-sized sound engineer

The new d:vice MMA-A digital audio interface for ‘on the go’ content creators is on show for the first time in Europe. This preamp is aimed at content makers such as live and mobile journalists, and it works with any iOS device, Mac or PC.

DPA said that the d:vice, when used with a DPA microphone, can capture or stream audio in quality previously only available in the studio, and claimed that it can act as a ‘mini sound engineer in your pocket’, when it’s not possible to have an experienced audio pro on site.

The d:vice is a high-quality, two-channel microphone preamp and A/D converter offering mono, dual and stereo capabilities. DPA claimed such flexibility allows a journalist to use the equipment for any unexpected situation that might arise during their day.

The d:vice allows users to set individual gain for two channels in an iOS environment, and comes with inter-changeable lightning and USB cables for connectivity. MicroDot inputs allow the d:vice to be connected to all DPA capsules, including the d:screet

Miniature, d:fine headset, d:vote in-strument, and the d:dicate recording microphones, including shotgun microphones, via the optional MMP-G preamp.

René Mørch, product manager, DPA Microphones, said: “The d:vice digital audio interface was designed with broadcasters and mobile journalists in mind, but can also be used by other content makers for recording music, filming on location and during both live and recorded broadcasts.”