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Pixar: HDR Inside Out

IBC Big Screen Experience Keynote Monday, 09:30-11:00, Auditorium

High Dynamic Range is a major focus of the IBC Big Screen Experience conference this year with three panel sessions devoted to the topic, the IBC2015 Conference Prize awarded (today at 14:00) to BBC Research & Development for a paper on HDR for TV; and with a headline keynote from Hollywood masters of the art Pixar and ILM.

The keynote ‘Extending the Creative Palette – Vision from Pixar and ILM’ which takes place on Monday (09:30-11:00; Auditorium) will make perfect use of the IBC Big Screen’s Christie 6P 2D and 3D laser projection and Dolby Atmos immersive audio to showcase clips from Inside Out and Tomorrowland, the first two movies ever released in a cinema HDR format.

Talking about the vision and technical production, post and presentation process behind Inside Out will be Pixar’s senior scientist Dominic Glynn and Pixar supervising technical director Rick Sayre

Glynn, an imaging specialist, mathematician and colour scientist, is forever challenging assumptions of fidelity in standards bodies and the industry at large. He is leading Pixar’s endeavours in HDR, mastering and exhibition in Dolby Vision, an exhibition format which features HDR and Rec.2020 wide gamut colour plus Dolby Atmos.

Sayre, a veteran of Pixar Animation Studios for almost three decades, has feature credits from Toy Story onwards and is winner of a Sci-Tech Academy Award.

They are joined by Jeroen Schulte, Industrial Light and Magic’s image pipeline lead, who oversaw the creation of the HDR Colour timing and mastering pipeline for the theatrical release of Brad Bird’s Tomorrowland.

Cinema’s digital transition is over and cinema itself is now actively becoming redefined. There is nobody better equipped to share with you the future of cinema than our IBC Big Screen Experience keynotes and the best thing is everyone is welcome because this conference session is free.