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Panasonic and Codex combine on VariCam Pure

The new VariCam Pure is a compact Raw-only digital cinematography camera designed for high-end 4K production. It was developed by Panasonic with Codex so that the Raw recorder could be totally integrated into a smaller, modular VariCam camera.

The two companies worked together previously when they combined the VariCam 35 with the Codex V-Raw recorder, which has been used on such productions as Netflix’s Death Note and The OA.

The VariCam Pure will record to Codex Capture Drives as part of a production-to-post workflow using the Codex Production Suite.

“This combination is a powerful new tool for 4K Raw recording, and is just the kind of camera that studios are looking for to produce 4K content for the cinema or the home,” said Codex VP Brian Gaffney.

“By tightly integrating this new V-Raw recorder with the VariCam for a smaller lighter, frankly better, system, we now can more effectively meet the needs of our clients on high-end 4K Raw productions,” commented Michael Bravin, engineering supervisor at Sim Digital in Hollywood.

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