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OPINION: Technology for everyone

The market is evolving and so are we, says Valentijn Diemel, global marketing coordinator, Datavideo Technologies Europe 

The market is evolving at breakneck speed. Traditional big broadcasters are seeing their budgets being cut, and the smaller, smarter technology solutions are rising fast. For instance, we have developed a virtual studio for educational markets and entry level broadcasters. This machine is capable of switching four virtual channels, recording and streaming directly from the box. All this comes for a price of only $6000.

This technology is within reach for anybody. Even in the more rural environments like Africa or the Middle East, we see a rising demand for smart technology like virtual studios.

At Datavideo, we care about the entry level and emerging markets. We try to serve them with affordable price levels, a wide array of features, outstanding quality and good service. In these territories, users are sometimes still working with analogue, composite cameras. Even for them, we still produce good equipment. We can also help them transition to HD.

The entry level market is also very important for us. We see that clients are struggling with way too complicated and expensive solutions. At Datavideo, solutions are always easy to use, or easy to learn. You don’t have to be a broadcasting technician to work with our equipment.

We also serve the bigger, broadcasting market. Our OB van solutions are unique and precisely cut to fit in most standard vans. Our converters are broadcast grade and very affordable. We even have a rack mount kit for our converters, with a built in power distributor.

Our company is actually celebrating our 30th anniversary at IBC. Since 1985, we’re producing technology for a wide spectrum of markets. To this date, we at Datavideo Technologies Europe BV created a distribution network in over 52 countries within EMEA.

IBC is a home game for us, since we are the EMEA subsidiary of Datavideo and based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. We always have a big terrace on our booth to receive and speak to our distributors.