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Old programmes get new life at ITV

ITV has rented one of the Vintage Cloud Steenbeck tables, and is now working its way through many shelves of celluloid content, digitising hours of entertainment. The majority of content created during ITV’s 60-year history is stored on rolls of celluloid in old film cans.

“Up until now, the restoration procedure has been complicated and costly,” said technical operations manager with ITV, Sonny Hanley.

“I could not bear the thought of this material just stacked there on the shelves so I was looking for a solution that could somehow make these one million-plus assets available for everyone to enjoy.”

He found the Danish company Vintage Cloud, which, after four years of constructing, engineering and testing, was just going to market with its new film digitiser.

Vintage Cloud calls its Steenbeck the first ‘true’ film archive digitisation system.

It renders real-time digital material from both picture and sound, with tender respect for the sometimes very delicate material, in one go. Along with this, it handles colour correction, framing, lighting and audio adjustment.