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New waveform rasteriser on display

The Ultra TQ is a fully equipped waveform rasteriser, which inherits functionality from the Ultra 4K Tool Box and the Ultra XR products.

The Ultra TQ supports analysis and generation of all SD, HD and 3G-SDI formats as standard, with an upgrade path to 4K/UHD if needed.

On demonstration is Ultra TQ’s analysis of video over SDI or IP link, for use as a SMPTE 2110/SMPTE 2022-6 enabled waveform rasteriser. The analysis instruments within the Ultra TQ include picture, waveform monitor, vectorscope, gamut meters, video timing, video and audio status monitoring, event logging, closed caption display, closed caption logging, audio meter display, and loudness graph as standard.

Physical layer analysis and advanced physical layer analysis are available as options for use anywhere signal integrity needs to be checked. All of the physical and functional parameters of the video signal can be logged against timecode, making it ideal for programme QC, said the company.

Rob Arnold, VP of worldwide sales, Omnitek, said: “The Ultra TQ provides a sophisticated range of tools for broadcast, supporting SD, HD and 2K video over SD, HD and 3G and SMPTE 2110 links. We believe that this new product will prove very popular with all those working in the ever-changing broadcast environment.”