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New spin on live radio

The latest features of the VoxPro 7 recorder and editor for live radio are on show at IBC2017. VoxPro is an audio recorder, editor and playback system, consisting of software and a USB hardware control panel, and control keys which are mapped to specific functions in the software for rapid recording and editing without a mouse. Also included on the control panel is a scrub wheel for simple, precise editing of voice, sound effects and music clips on two tracks.

For 2017, the product gets the new ClipCleaner toolset that lets talent quickly clean up phone calls for on-air presentation. It includes spectral display, parametric EQ, de-esser, compressor, expander, limiter and noise gate for processing channels independently or jointly.

Also included is FX Macros, for creating one-button macros for frequently used effects and other editing operations.

For navigating through files, a ‘QuikSearch’ box has been added and located onscreen along with the ability to colour-code files and hotkeys to make them easier to see in a long list or a page of hotkeys. Other additions under VoxPro 7 include support for importing 24-bit files, and a new feature in GapBuster to automatically detect the noise floor.