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New look DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve 12, the latest upgrade to Blackmagic’s colour grading system is being showcased at IBC, with roughly 80 new features aimed at editors and colourists.

These include multi-cam editing capabilities, news media management tools, a new audio engine with support for VST/AU plug-ins, shot matching, a 3D keyer, new 3D perspective tracker and upgraded curve editing.

The company has also given the interface a makeover, with a lighter overall colour scheme and new fonts aimed at reducing eye strain during long sessions. It’s also customisable.

Blackmagic is targeting editors with features including realtime multi-camera editing. The company said this could synchronise camera angles based on timecode, audio waveforms, or in/out points.

For colour grading, the upgrade includes support for DaVinci’s own colour managed timelines as well as ACES 1.0 transforms.

The company reported that DaVinci Resolve 12 also now supports remote rendering, allowing customers working in larger facilities to distribute rendering jobs to other Resolve systems that are on the same shared database and shared storage.