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New flagship audio console

A new flagship audio mixing console specifically designed to provide optimal performance in IP video production environments through native support for all relevant standards is on show.

The mc²96 supports SMPTE 2110, AES67, Ravenna and Dante. The console features LiveView video thumbnails, which Lawo said is a world first. Designed for networking in complex IP production infrastructures, the Lawo mc²96 also employs Lawo’s IP-Share network gain compensation.

Its design also reflects today’s requirements for 3D/immersive audio productions, as the mc²96 provides not only tools for surround sound mixing, but also a dedicated elevation controller as standard.

Furthermore, the mc²96 offers Lawo-grade integrated loudness metering with full loudness control in accordance with ITU 1770 (EBU/R128 or ATSC/A85).

Addressing live broadcast and performing arts applications, the multi-user optimised mc²96 offers many mix-assist systems enabling the sound engineer to concentrate on the overall balance and sound quality of the production.

In addition to Lawo’s established audio-follow-video functionality, the desk’s automated mixing capabilities include an automix function that automatically adjusts the Ievels of active and inactive microphones, while maintaining a constant, natural-sounding ambient Ievel.

The console also features Lawo’s AMBIT upmix function, which guarantees perfect conversion of stereo signals for authentic surround sound.8.B50