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NAB 2016 roundup

After four days of keynotes, debuts, presentations and showcases, NAB is over for another year. TVBEurope looks at some of the products that caught the eye. Omnitek showcased

After four days of keynotes, debuts, presentations and showcases, NAB is over for another year. TVBEurope looks at some of the products that caught the eye…

showcased its Ultra XR waveform analyser in Vegas, which features video over IP support.

Designed to provide a solution for 4K content creation and post production, the Ultra XR supports 12-bit 4:4:4 SDI input formats in YCbCr, RGB, and XYZ.

The Ultra XR 4K waveform monitor is intended to complement the Ultra 4K Tool Box, which has been shipping with 12G-SDI since mid-2015 and is, according to the company, the first to market 12G-SDI test and measurement solution.

The Tool Box is capable of generating and capturing moving test patterns, which includes active video and blanking data for offline analysis.

Riedel added MicroN to its MediorNet line of real-time media transport and management solutions, demonstrating how interconnected MicroN units can be deployed to create a decentralised routing system that distributes signal load.

Riedel say that the technology takes advantage of flexible node placement and eliminates any single point of failure to create a viable alternative to traditional, monolithic routers.

The company also launched its new ESP-2323 Expansion Smartpanel, which, when connected to an RSP-2318, provides four additional displays and 24 keys.

Riedel claim that the RSP-2318 Smartpanel is ‘a powerful multifunctional user interface that offers features and capabilities that enrich the user experience and change the way broadcasters and A/V professionals communicate’. It includes three high-resolution multi-touch colour displays, a multilingual character set and built-in matrix connectivity.

MediaStor, a software-defined storage platform, is now available from Screen Systems.

Powered by Suitcase TV, the platform is designed to offer flexible options for scalable online, nearline and archive storage built on IT hardware.

The MediaStor system hosts a virtual file system that utilises object-based storage to provide a ‘near infinitely’ scalable distributed storage platform.

The company also showcased MediaStor Archive Blade, a nearline storage solution providing 128TB of storage as MAID (massive array of independent disks) architecture utilising shingled magnetic recording disks.

The Archive Blade is connected via a dual 10Gb Ethernet link with all files first being held on RAID-based storage on a MediaStor cluster node. Each chassis is managed by MediaStor’s Archivist HSM software, designed to ensure data is written in one continuous process.

Ericsson launched its global content discovery portfolio in Vegas, including metadata, images, real-time triggering, analytics and 360 degree search and personalisation. All services are delivered through Ericsson’s real-time API, designed to provide global data through one interface.

The company also debuted its Piero Augmented Reality, a software system designed to give broadcasters the ability to enhance sports programming and create ‘more immersive’ viewing experiences.

It enables broadcasters to overlay 3D graphics in real-time during live studio productions and sports games, and is currently being tested by the BBC for Match of the Day.

The company also introduced MediaFirst Video Processing in Vegas.

Snell Advanced Media (SAM) showcased a range of products in Vegas, beginning with the debut of the Kula switcher range. Designed for easy installation and set up, the range is capable of handling multiple formats, which the company says will make it adaptable and future-proof for the production environment.

SAM also introduced an edit timeline to its Go! remote production suite. Desktop, laptop and tablet users will be given access to live and recorded content to build stories, with timeline editing and voiceover. Finished sequences are then ready for immediate publishing to social media, web and TV.

The IP-Edge family is designed to take complexity away from hybrid and pure IP rollouts. The IQ Edge processing solution, developed to bridge the gap to IP environments by offering a range of image and audio processing capabilities in an integrated package, was also on show in Vegas.

SAM also demonstrated its established Kahuna, LiveTouch, Quantel Rio, Media and Alchemist technologies.

Netia demonstrated the Media Assist digital audio software suite, which includes radio automation, media asset management and workflow management solutions.

The company highlighted new product features designed to enhance the flexibility and reliability of multichannel FM radio and Web radio.

It is also presenting the AirPlayList 2.0 module, which is fully integrated into the Media Assist software suite to facilitate automated playout of multiple radio channels simultaneously. The new module is designed to streamline and simplify the playout workflow to make it easier to launch and maintain new Web radio services.

RTW is debuted its new audio processor hardware, APRO-CLC01, for Continuous Loudness Control (CLC).

The hardware is designed to enable engineers to use the company’s processing algorithm for continuous loudness and dynamic control of a live signal in their professional audio equipment.

“We have created the APRO-CLC01 as a platform that will enable integrators or processor manufacturers to use RTW’s OEM-PCB within their hardware, as well as console manufacturers and others,” explained Michael Kahsnitz, head of product management at RTW.

“With this new introduction, it will be up to the integrator to define the way a user can control and read back information from our processor.”

V-Nova showcased its flagship V-Nova Perseus software, which it says ‘continues to transform the transportation and storage of live and on-demand video.

The company staged multiple live demonstrations for its video compression solutions at the V-Nova NAB Experience @ Encore, an invitation-only NAB supported showcase.

V-Nova announced that Eutelsat has chosen Perseus for the contribution of visually lossless 4K international feeds for Euro 2016. The system will be used from the quarter-final onwards, and will enable Italian broadcaster RAI to offer live coverage of the tournament in 4K.

Editshare introduced its XStream EFS storage and Flow media asset management solutions, which the company says are engineered to ease complex transitions into key 4k and multi-location, multi-team production workflows.

The XStream EFS online media storage is designed to be able to cope with exploding media volumes, ultra high data rates and the complexities of collaborative production workflows.

Available with all EditShare storage systems and available for third-party storage solutions, EditShare Flow MAM contains a range of applications providing media ingest, key asset tracking, transcoding and automation capabilities.

“The race to monetise 4k content is well underway and the time to invest in a scalable infrastructure that delivers is now,” said Andy Liebman, CEO, EditShare.

“XStream EFS storage solutions provide a clear path for facility owners to support these emerging production needs with 4k-ready storage that can be deployed in incremental steps, along with clever new Flow production tools that scale collaboration by connecting resources into the production pipeline.”

PlayBox debuted its Cloudair universal playout and streaming platform at NAB.

According to Playbox, the CloudAir platform enables new television channels to be established very rapidly without the preliminary investment in playout infrastructure.

It also showcased the latest upgrades to its Neo Channel-in-a-Box product suite.

Playbox say that the suite can be combined on a modular basis to match any size of operation, ranging from a compact national or regional channel-in-a-box station to a large-scale multi-channel broadcast network transmitting to a global audience.