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New closed captioning environment

A complete closed captioning environment has been released as a major addition to the cineXtools box at IBC2017. cineXtools offers a multi-codec, multi-format solution to change flat standard files. Instead of completely re-exporting ProRes, DNx, XDCAM or
DPP files, cineXtools overwrites corrections and changes with patches of video, audio and closed captions. The application offers additional functions such as audio versioning and timecode restriping, all without any encoding.

The new captioning module includes supporting direct inserts from MCC, CAP, SCC and AAF files to master files that have a caption track. The heart of the captioning module is a caption creation and management environment. Additional features in the module include caption extraction – making changes and reinserting is supported.

Also included is the ability to extract VBI/VANC digital captions and save them to a compatible captions file like MCC, CAP, SCC and AAF. Similarly, extracting SD analogue captions is possible, as well as automatic in-place conversions from 608 to 708 captions.

Lastly, features have been added to the re-wrap toolset providing a way to add a caption track to files, and to convert files with 608 captions to 708 captions.