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MXL Microphones: Mobile Media Microphones for phones

Mobile phones and tablets are increasingly used for reporting, but for broadcastable audio, MXL Microphones, part of Marshall Electronics, has launched a Mobile Media Series. Initially four microphones that come with a 3.5mm Y cable with a built-in headphone jack for audio playback or monitoring, each is tailored for specific recording applications to capture clearer, more targeted audio.

“As more people use mobile devices for audio and video recording, the demand for quality mics is growing,” said MXL director of sales and marketing, Perry Goldstein. “One mic does not fit all applications. That is why MXL is creating a full line of mics that plug into the 3.5mm mini jack, which makes them compatible with most phones and tablets, regardless of operating system.”

The MM-VE001 Mobile Videographer’s Essentials Kit consists of the FR-310 shotgun microphone, an impedance-matching cable with 3.5mm plug, and a fully adjustable bracket mount.

The MM-110 is a boundary microphone useful for recording meetings or interviews involving multiple people to a mobile phone or tablet.

The MM-130 Handheld Microphone is designed for one-on-one interviews. It has cardioid and omni patterns and a simple handheld design that looks professional on camera.

The MM160 is a lavalier or lapel microphone with an omni capsule. All four Mobile Media microphones are available now.