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MVA addresses mobile challenges

The arrival of 4G networks has brought with it the ability to stream more video content than ever before. The large volumes of video traffic passing through mobiles and tablets represent a huge step change for the industry.

The Digital Television Group (DTG) said there was great potential for organisations to use this new capacity to provide new content services to their customers, but there remain many questions about how to do this within the available spectrum and existing infrastructure. Among the challenges DTG notes is the fact that 66% of mobile data is predicted to be video by 2017, making 4G predominantly a video distribution network.

To help the industry address and overcome these challenges, the DTG has created the Mobile Video Alliance (MVA), the aim of which is to share knowledge and provide a forum in which participants can connect in ways that benefit the industry as a whole, with a view to optimising and accelerating innovation through collaboration.

The MVA attracts members from a broad variety of industry players including production houses and workflow partners, content delivery networks, mobile networks, cloud providers and app developers, and focuses on the communication between them. From identifying and evaluating Quality of Experience issues over mobile networks, to looking at communications between network operating centres to aid the speedy discovery and diagnosis of network problems, the MVA aims to bring people together to allow mobile video to flourish to its full potential.

DTG said that by joining the group, members have the opportunity to be part of this collaboration, along with the DTG’s activities in other areas.

The DTG brings together mobile and DTT operators, and has been active in the Connected TV space for 10 years, so believes that it is uniquely placed to help all content delivery platforms deliver a unified approach.