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Metrological: MAF moves to v3

Visitors to the Metrological stand can see live demonstrations of the company’s cloud-based TV app store framework.

Version 3.0 of the Metrological Application Framework allows operators to launch their own branded TV and multiscreen app store and offers a publishing platform to content providers. Delivered as a managed service, the platform allows operators to deliver and manage apps across different operating systems and multiple devices.

The framework supports both full screen and overlay display apps, meaning content providers can integrate social media and red button functionality within the TV experience, so that content such as live voting, sing-along and play-along content can run side-by-side live TV broadcasts.

Its app publishing platform offers over 150 pre-packaged apps ready for publication, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and Google Maps. The V3.0 framework is currently deployed at UPC in Ireland, Hungary and The Netherlands, UnityMedia KBW in Germany and Cablecom in Switzerland.

Metrological also provides an open SDK (Software Development Kit) which enables operators and content service providers to develop their own apps to prevent vendor lock-in.