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In memoriam: Sam Blackman

The outpouring of emotion and support from within the industry at the tragic passing of Elemental co-founder and CEO Sam Blackman is a fitting tribute to a leader whose talents and appetite for life will be profoundly missed by so many.

Sam’s influence on the people with whom he worked, and indeed the wider industry, is poignantly documented in the multitude of tributes that have been offered in his honour.

IBC Council member and entrepreneur Michelle Munson told the Daily,

“Sam accomplished more in these brief 41 years than most people do in a lifetime. He was a professional and personal example of what it means to innovate technology and build a company based on the right values, and through this, he was a benchmark for leadership and entrepreneurship.”

Munson added: “There are very few people that were not touched in some way by Sam or his creations. Above all, he was a passionate supporter of service to the broader community, and he rallied the industry to apply our energy and means to support those causes he believed so much in, including equity, education and the environment.

The 4K runs for charity that are the pinnacle of community spirit at NAB and IBC are two such events, and in their vitality, so we recognise the vitality and legacy of Sam’s young but extraordinary life.”

The IBC Daily spoke to Laura Barber, director of field marketing and publicity at AWS Elemental, who added: “Sam was passionate about community involvement and loved the 4K 4Charity Fun Run and how it pushes us all to do more in support of increased diversity and inclusion while engaging in good, healthy fun.

“He would have loved to see us all come together to make a bigger impact for those who are under-represented in our industry and communities.”

On behalf of the IBC Daily, I’d like to offer our deepest condolences to Sam’s family, and his extended family at Elemental. One of our industry’s brightest lights, never to be dimmed. Rest in peace, Sam.