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Making the jump to Lightspeed

Telestream’s Lightspeed K80 server offers speed and productivity improvements over previous Lightspeed servers for products built on its Vantage media processing platform, according to the company.

The K80 server integrates IT technologies from vendors including NVidia and Intel. It combines NVidia K80 GPU technology and twin 12-core CPU, and it includes 2TB of media storage.

Describing it as environmentally friendly, Telestream added that it consumes less power and so requires less cooling than previous Lightspeed servers.

According to Telestream, Lightspeed technology accelerates its H.264 transcoding and video processing, including image scaling, de-interlacing, frame rate conversion, motion vector calculation, compositing and other computer-intensive tasks for Vantage products.

Paul Turner, vice president of enterprise product management at Telestream, said, “As file-based workflows evolve in terms of complexity and sophistication to accommodate new processes and multiple delivery platforms, so too they inevitably require additional processing power.

“The Lightspeed K80 represents a quantum progression in media processing resources, offering up to five times the previous Lightspeed server without compromising the quality of the processed media.”