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Making the connection with 12G

12G-SDI is beginning to take off in Europe, according to Tomasz Kolacsyk, general manager, Canare Europe, which has just introduced a range of 12G products, from cable to patchbays.

The newly-designed coaxial cable can transmit a 12G signal up to 102m, which is the best result he knows of. It also has two new 12G patchbays; the first customer for which is a huge US online-only broadcaster, which has bought large quantities of the units for its new studios.

“12G is definitely coming, especially for cable. We’ve been selling it for a couple of months and we’re seeing a lot of success,” said Kolacsyk.

It is mainly being bought for connections between 12G cameras and video switchers, but as 12G routers become more widely available, that market will open up too.