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Live demo of ST 2110 interoperability

A demonstration on the Bridge Technologies’ stand features Bridge’s VB440-SW dual 40 Gigabit Ethernet software probe and Embrionix Design’s SDI conversion modules. It uses live playback sources to show how the SMPTE ST 2110 standard is a practicable way forward to achieve interoperability, by generating live streams that enable visitors to view network performance in real time.

Simen K Frostad, chairman, Bridge Technologies, said: “Achieving absolute and straightforward interoperability between the systems of every broadcast manufacturer is crucial to the future of our industry, and it is uniquely made possible by IP technology.

There is no doubt that IP can do, in technical terms, whatever we as an industry need it to do in order to achieve the interoperability that is fundamental to our success. The industry absolutely must embrace IP.”

“At Bridge Technologies, we have long been proponents of the significant advantages and benefits that IP brings,” continued Frostad. “As an industry, we’re making huge strides in the right direction – but there is still much to do if the true potential of IP is to be realised.”