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LED Fresnel on the spot

The Vidnel 080 is an 80 Watt LED Fresnel light boasting a CRI of 96+. The new 3200K fixture – 5600K is an option – delivers flicker-free dimming without a colour shift, said Videssence. The company added that the optical design provides the single shadow and focusing characteristics essential to Fresnel fixtures while using a fraction of the power of traditional tungsten units.

It should deliver a soft directional beam of adjustable light, while in spot focus position it can output more than 1797 Lux at 3.66m. A manual slide bar at the side of the fixture focuses the beam and locks in place. A dual copper pipe heat sink with integrated ultra-quiet axial fan maximises LED light output, while a magnetic stabiliser ensures smooth fan operation in any position.

A simple touch pad on the side of the 27cm x 28cm housing allows easy programming for DMX control and on-board dimming, said the company.

Additional control is achieved with standard 4-inch Gel Frame and Barn Door accessory options.

Power is shut off to the driver and LED when dimmed to zero with DMX so no external relay or power cut off is required.