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Lighting LED by demand

Canara now has a complete range of LED lights for broadcast use, including: 200W and 400W LED Fresnels, 90W and 180W LED Panels, a 150W LED Cyclorama, 125W LED Remote Phosphor, 60W LED ENG kit, 54x3W and 36x3W LED PARs, LED Moving Head, and LED Zoom Profile.

The 150W LED cyclorama fixture is claimed to provide an almost even painted surface without any hot spots, in thousands of different shades (via a DMX console), with colour temperatures from 2700K to 6500K. It is available in symmetric and asymmetric beam versions, offering CRI 90+, flicker free lighting, with DMX and manual 0-100% dimming, and power looping.

The 200W LED Fresnel comes in 3200K and 5600K versions, outputting 72,120 Lux at 1m Spot, with a beam angle of 10° to 50°, and dimming 0 to 100% through inbuilt dimmer, with a uniform spread across the entire beam from spot to flood. It has noiseless active cooling and is designed to replace a 1000W Halogen Fresnel.

The 90W LED Panel comes in 3200K, 5600K and bi-colour versions, in spot 30° and flood 60°, with integrated dimmer, in manual and pole operated versions. It replaces 480W cool lights.

Canara’s 60W LED ENG kit contains three lighting fixtures (daylight or tungsten outputting 1300 Lux at 2m, with electronic dimmer), stands and barn doors plus a wheeled carry case. Battery backup is an option, and it replaces a 300W Halogen ENG kit.