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Fresnel and soft panel LED lights

The silent new F8-300 LED Fresnel from Zylight is an addition to its more portable F8-200; both of which are more powerful versions of its collapsible F8.

The 13.6kg passively cooled 320W F8-300 is claimed to be brighter than a 575W HMI Fresnel or a 2kW tungsten fixture, and comes in 3200K or 5600K versions.

It uses a 20cm glass lens that offers traditional single shadow Fresnel beam shaping, with an adjustable beam spread (16-70 degrees) for spot and flood.

It can be controlled via DMX or via the built-in ZyLink wireless link, which allows multiple Zylights to be linked for simultaneous remote control.

The F8-300 uses quantum dot LED technology, which Zylight claims delivers excellent light quality with a high TLCI rating.

Also new is Zylight’s Pro-Panel V2. The variable colour temperature (2700-6500K) LED soft light is available in 1×2 and 2×2 configurations, without the harsh glare and multiple shadow effects often associated with budgetLED panel lights.

The flicker-free light is fully dimmable with a wide, 110-degree beam angle and a TLCI rating of 98. The rear panel includes colour and dimming control knobs, plus two custom preset buttons.

It includes a honey comb louver to block unwanted light spill, gel frame for light effects, and an adjustable yoke for mounting on portable stands or hanging from a studio grid. It ships with an AC power cable, but can also use batteries via its three-pin XLR port.