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Kino Flo Lighting Systems: Celeb 400Q LED turns heads

The Celeb 400Q DMX softlight joins Kino Flo’s Celeb 400C and Celeb 200 DMX LED lighting range, which is claimed to offer “the only stable, colour-variable LED to ride the spectral sensitivity curves of digital cinema cameras.”

The LED lights have been designed to offer peak lumen output without sacrificing Kino Flo’s signature True Match colour and soft light aesthetic. Special thermal dynamics (no metal fins or fans) are claimed to ensure the colour temperature will remain stable for 50,000 hours and output won’t fade.

Like all Celebs, the 65x65cm DMX Celeb 400Q comes with on-board and remote control features. Users can dial in variable Kelvin temperature from 2700K to 5500K (saveable as five presets) without affecting the light output, while dimming (100-0%) won’t change the colour temperature settings.

The Celeb 400Q produces a soft, flattering key and fill source that matches the light output of a 1500 Watt tungsten softlight, but uses only about 1 Amp of power. It comes with: gel frame, 90º honeycomb louver, yoke mount or pole operated yoke mount, and corner accessory mounts, plus 16 adjustable accessory mount points on the frame for securing barn doors, yoke mounts and rigging plate accessory.