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IP-based monitoring

The company’s latest monitoring technologies are being showcased, including new IP-based solutions such as the iAM-MIX multichannel audio monitor and mixer iAM-AUDIO audio monitor.

The iAM-MIX features an intuitive front-panel control surface for individual master and per-channel mixing and muting, ideal for operators that require robust auditory monitoring from a range of sources.

A simple yet full-featured platform for eight- or 16-level control out-of-the-box, audio-only monitoring, iAM-MIX integrates with popular AV router solutions to push and pull channel-name data. The iAM-AUDIO introduces touchpanel interfaces to allow intuitive command and control of the unit and new I/O options, including Dante and Ravenna, combined with rich data displays and Wohler’s established audio monitoring.

All products running on the iAM platform offer a browser-based GUI to complement Wohler’s traditional front-panel monitoring interfaces for remote control and future options for remote monitoring, and logging. In addition, all units can be controlled by third-party software via an API.