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IO Industries :HD/2K mini camera upgrade

The new Flare 2KSDI-ENR is a major upgrade for IO Industries’ existing HD/2K mini camera, and offers significant improvement in image quality over the original 2KSDI as well as some additional output formats.

The compact camera, which is typically used for PoV or in-car applications, weighs just 310g, takes a variety of different lens mounts, and can output full 2K Raw for digital cinema or 422 for live broadcast. It also gains new RGB 4:4:4 output modes in 1080p and 2K.

Other improvements include: lower noise from CFPN, RFPN, and PRNU; complete removal of a ‘black sun’ artefact, which caused the centre of a bright light or the sun to appear black; a higher range of analogue gain adjustment; and automatic black clamp on each frame.

The 2KSDI-ENR kit includes a Power/Control Cable (with control Lemo, and power tap) an AC adaptor (with power tap connector), a handheld remote, and a USB Control Cable (for camera control and to update the firmware and look up tables from a PC).