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Infinity Arm lets it all hang out

The new Infinity Arm is claimed to be “a reliable and indestructible articulating arm” that can support a wide variety of cameras, lights, monitors or other equipment.

It was developed by director Sage Seb, who said: “I’ve had camera support arms fall apart in the middle of the shoot, with no access to repair or replacement. Trying to make-do costs time – not to mention a l
ot of gaffer tape.”

He decided he needed a camera support arm that he could trust: “that would be reliable, no matter how many times I repeated a move or how difficult the conditions. I needed to be able to hang and mount expensive camera/lens packages and customise the arm to whatever you need to get the job done.”

After launching it as a Kickstarter project, Seb looked for a manufacturer to perfect it, and joined up with Matthews, whose engineers helped
refine it.

The resulting arm can mount everything from a GoPro to a cinema camera or a monitor and many other items. It is made of tool steel and aircraft aluminium, then plated with military-grade anodised and proprietary electroless nickel phosphorus. Its central pivot point includes a 60-section rosette for strength and adjustability. It can also take a wide variety of tips; allowing for quick interchange to support a range of tools.