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High degree of elasticity

An advanced integration has been developed between the Bridge Technologies monitoring system and Skyline Communications’ DataMiner network management system which makes its debut at IBC2015.

The integration allows realtime exchange of status data, with widgets displaying DataMiner alerts and information pages on the Bridge Technologies Remote Data Wall in a user-configurable display alongside other live monitoring display elements. By integrating the two systems in this way, Bridge Technologies and Skyline Communications said they are providing a very high degree of elasticity to operators of digital media services, with the means to collate and customise their own mix of decision-supporting information.

When combined with Bridge Technologies’ new virtualised probes, this is said to give customers the ability to implement new monitoring topologies instantly in response to changing conditions. “The world is moving to all-IP interconnectivity and software-defined processing,” said Steven Soenens, product marketing director of Skyline Communications.

“This opens up new possibilities for further-reaching monitoring throughout the entire network in a cost-effective manner.” Pictured: Bridge Technologies and Skyline Communications teams celebrate the integration at IBC2015.