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HDR features for ClearView

To assist the broadcast industry’s anticipated adoption of high dynamic range (HDR), new colour transfer functions have been added to the ClearView line of video quality analysers.

Video Clarity’s ClearView can apply Rec. 2020 appropriately to the different colour formats and colour conversion techniques being considered for HDR content.

This allows content providers, broadcasters and encoder manufacturers to compare the quality of HDR source content against its downstream encoded version, regardless of which colour space or conversion technique is applied.

For ICtCp, the potential replacement for the YCbCr colour space, ClearView can ingest video, record it in either YCbCr or ICtCp, and compare it to encoded versions in either YCbCr or ICtCp for any significant changes in quality.

Also at the show Video Clarity is demonstrating MultiPlayer, an optional application for the ClearView 4K system that can automatically and interactively select sequences for side-by-side playback in multiple
video formats on up to eight screens at once.

Making its European debut at the show is ClearView WFM, a software option for the ClearView Video Quality Analyzer and ClearView Player systems.