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Hall 8 exhibitors take it higher

Sound mixer Jesse Parker and post production audio company ToneMesa used a trio of Hall 8 exhibitors for the upcoming action thriller Altitude.

Using sound recording equipment from DPA Microphones, Sound Devices and Wisycom, Parker captured pristine audio for the highly anticipated feature film using a workflow very suitable for the production.

Starring Denise Richards, Dolph Lundgren, Chuck Liddell and Greer Grammer, Altitude is about a team of thieves who hijack an airliner in search of diamonds stolen from them by a former cohort.

“I recorded the entire movie on a Sound Devices 633 mixer/recorder, two Wisycom MCR42 receivers, four Wisycom MTP41 transmitters and DPA d:screet 4061 and d:dicate 4017B shotgun microphones,” said Parker.

“With Altitude, there were only a couple of people on camera at any given time, primarily due to the space confinement of the entire movie taking place inside of an airplane. It was easy for me to put the 633 in a bag with two Wisycom receivers. My footprint was very small and I could get in and out of the extremely tight set.”