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H.265 codec platform unveiled

A planned new H.265 codec platform is being unveiled by Broadcast Wireless Systems.Stuart Brown, commercial director, Broadcast Wireless Systems, said: “Wireless camera operators face a double-squeeze. The demand for 2K and 4K content is increasing while available RF spectrum is simultaneously being reduced.

We provide a cost-effective method for wireless camera users to upgrade to 2K and 4K operation without replacing their existing systems.” Broadcast Wireless is sharing space on the Sematron stand, where it is also actively soliciting input from prospective end users that will collectively form part of the final design.

“From the outset, we decided that we would only proceed with our new H.265/4K platform if we could offer a demonstrable, real-world solution to our customers,” added Brown. “This is why features such as low, two-frames in 4K delay and low 10W power consumption are integral to the platform.

However, before we finalise our offering, we’re actually going to do what others only talk about, and that is consult with end users to ensure we develop what is best for their needs.”

Broadcast Wireless is also featuring its latest offerings in terms of advanced wireless transmitters, high-level systems integration and turnkey project management.