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Going the distance for MADI

Three new MADI fibre optical to MADI coaxial converters and transceivers are at IBC2016. Lynx Technik’s three new yellobriks for MADI allow for the transmission and extension of audio over long distances. They perform very long cable runs in real time with zero degradation of signal quality – up to 10km with the standard fibre models, and up to 40km with the CWDM fibre model.

These compact and cost-effective modules are designed to convert up to 64 audio channels bidirectionally (64 in and 64 out) between MADI Optical and MADI Coaxial formats. The three new models include a bidirectional MADI optical to coax converter/transceiver pair, a MADI optical to coax converter transceiver that combines a fibre transmitter and receiver in a single package, and a MADI optical to coax converter/transceiver for CWDM wavelengths.