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A fully 4K-enabled playout

Announcing support for realtime HEVC in full HD, Veset is showcasing its Nimbus cloud-based playout offering.

The company also said that in recent months it had been working with a notable international broadcaster to test its 4K infrastructure. It has developed a fully 4K-enabled playout that incorporates HEVC encoding to support the ingest, storage, playout and delivery of 4K content.

Veset said its software-based solution is optimised for cloud resources, and it provides users with a fully 4K-ready broadcast grade SLA. The Veset Nimbus solution is built from the ground up for use in the cloud. It allows users to fully benefit from fundamental features of the cloud and also offers critical benefits, such as redundancy, scalability, remote access and an easy-to-use client interface. In partnership with providers of IP transport, Veset delivers end-to-end services to clients seeking to increase their operational flexibility while maintaining high standards of reliability.

The Veset playout services are now being used to play out 10 linear channels with a combined audience of more than 250 million viewers in more than 25 countries, delivered by satellite, cable and CDN.