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Fluid heads in Focus

Celebrating its 80th anniversary at IBC, Cartoni has introduced four new fluid heads for lightweight cameras.

The Focus Fluid Heads are designed for today’s smaller, lighter high-performance cameras. The four heads, Focus 8, Focus 12, Focus 18 and Focus 22, accommodate payloads ranging from 0 to 22kg. The lightweight magnesium alloy heads use Cartoni’s patented counterbalance system, come with a five-year warranty, and are intended for a wide range of applications, from news gathering and documentary production to drama and studio use.

“Camera operators will be inspired by the smooth fluid feel of our new Focus range,” claimed Cartoni CEO, Elisabetta Cartoni. “The fluid sensation is one that can only be delivered by a perfect counterbalance system. The heads are ultra light, yet, through their simple ergonomic settings, provide perfect performance every time.”

The Focus 12, 18 and 22 come with a switchable, illuminated level bubble, 100mm ball base fittings, and use a Euro-style, quick-release plate compatible with all leading tripod manufacturers, while the 1.8kg Focus 8 can support up to 8kg, has a 75mm ball base and a sliding plate compatible with Sachtler ACE and Manfrotto standard plates.