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Cartoni: Fluid heads for the Smart Pro

Smart Pro, a low-cost fluid head for camera payloads from 0-6kg is based on Cartoni’s best-selling HiDV head, and offers ergonomic knobs for ease of use, better control and a more fluid touch on drag and counterbalance.

It boasts professional-grade features, such as continuously variable fluid drag and Cartoni’s patented “wing” counterbalance system. The head’s 75mm diameter bowl is compatible with all 75mm tripods as well as most current-generation slider attachments.

Cartoni has also updated its popular Focus HD head, for cameras from 0 to 12kg. New features include ergonomic knobs for precise counterbalance and tilt drag control, a complement to the head’s continuously variable fluid damping system and patented variable counterbalance. Focus HD also comes packaged with new carbon-fibre tripods offering greater compactness, lighter weight and improved stability.

An upgraded version of its compact, 8.5kg Master MK II fluid head features a patented counterbalance system that gives perfect balance at any tilt angle from 2kg to 30kg, making it suitable for digital 35mm cameras, stripped or fully equipped with long lenses, follow focus rigs, monitors, batteries and other accessories. It comes with a flat Mitchell base that can be converted to a 150mm bowl via an adapter. It offers a tilt range of +/- 90° and a camera quick-release attachment that interfaces directly with Arri and Red camera plates.