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First view of Halo UI

A new video user interface server solution from Massive Interactive is making its public debut at IBC2016 in Hall 14.

Massive Halo is designed for Massive partners to bring managed, multiscreen video UI to market for their mid-tier video operator clients, including video app editing, delivery and lifecycle management.

Based on the Massive AXIS platform that powers services for national and international operators including Channel 5, Sony Pictures Television and Bell Media, Massive Halo is designed for mid-sized and niche content owners and operators.

Ron Downey, CEO and co-founder of Massive Interactive, claimed that the company is “fundamentally changing the approach to video app UI deployment and defining our industry’s future.”

Massive Halo includes features such as real-time control over presentation, content merchandising and scheduling as a productised solution, avoiding complex and expensive development cycles previously out of reach of mid-market video service providers.

The company’s technology is designed to solve the issue faced by video service providers of having to maintain multiple CMS, code bases and parallel development programs to support video apps across mobile devices, the internet, set-top-boxes, consoles, smart TVs and other emerging devices.

Massive Halo also allows technology partners to deliver advanced application lifecycle management features to their customers and is integrated with partner technology environments to create ‘pre-baked’ end-to-end offerings.