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Field mixer/recorder offers automix options

The 688 mixer/recorder is being shown with both Sound Devices MixAssist and Dan Dugan automixing capabilities at IBC2016.

Jon Tatooles, co-founder and managing director of Sound Devices, said, “We added Dugan to the 688 because it’s a great option. Both the Dugan Speech System and our MixAssist algorithms have the same goal, turning off unused mics. The inclusion of Dugan automixing gives the sound mixer a choice.

“Getting a great production mix can be challenging in many field applications. Automixers improve intelligibility, reduce noise and reverberation, and maintain consistent overall gain as microphones are turned on and off,” added Tatooles.

“Automatic mixing is going to be helpful wherever you have multiple mics,” said Dan Dugan, CEO, Dan Dugan Sound Design. “In field recording you often have many mics and automatic mixing makes it much easier for the operator. I am a Sound Devices user myself, and it’s certainly my choice for field recording. I’m very pleased that Sound Devices was interested in incorporating my automixing into the 688. I think it’s a perfect match because it adds another feature to what is already a really fabulous line of products.”