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Ensuring reliability for live broadcast over IP

VideoFlow’s Digital Video Protection (DVP) technology is being made available to users of NTT Electronics’ NTT HVE9200 encoder, a move designed to help ensure continuity of service during live broadcasts over IP networks, including the public internet.

DVP makes use of Controlled Adaptive Rate (CAR) which constantly probes the connection’s bit rate capacity, responding to any change by adapting the HVE9200 encoder’s own bit rate in real time to be slightly below the network capacity, avoiding congestion. The HVE9200 responds to the DVP’s commands with a fast change to the video bit rate on-the-fly without interrupting the service. Adi Rozenberg, VideoFlow’s CTO, said, “DVP makes IP networks reliable for live broadcast anywhere. CAR is the latest feature added to the DVP which completes nine layers of protection. CAR allows us to make any IP network, managed or unmanaged, as stable and robust as traditional means but significantly less expensive.”