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Enhancing through immersive audio

On show is Linear Acoustic AMS, a new hardware and software system for authoring and monitoring immersive 3D audio in compliance with the ATSC 3.0 specification. The audio system in ATSC 3.0 provides listeners with a personalised and immersive audio experience using next-generation technologies, including MPEG-H.

The Linear Acoustic AMS is purpose-built to provide real-time authoring, rendering and monitoring of flexible and advanced audio programs for this new consumer experience.

AMS simultaneously delivers audio for ATSC 3.0 broadcasts, and 5.1 or stereo audio for ATSC 1.0, OTT, or mobile services. Using smart metadata and Linear Acoustic APTO loudness control, AMS facilitates easy audio mixing and authoring operations, in full compliance with international loudness standards, according to the company.

Individual audio elements are combined with user-specified metadata for personalised audio output. The AMS web interface allows the authoring engineer to easily control the interactive features of MPEG-H offered to the viewer, and build presets for different listening experiences.

The Telos Alliance xNode family of AoIP devices allows Linear Acoustic AMS to be configured with any combination of SDI, AES/EBU, analogue and GPIO logic controls, all with full Livewire+ AES67 AoIP support.