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Enhanced remote production

A key focus of the stand is its Dominator AT/3G server, which was launched at NAB and now features an enhanced AVC Intra encoder option. This means it is now compatible with both Panasonic AVC Intra and Sony XAVC media formats.

Another key development is an integrated solution for remote broadcast, based on’s Dominator AT/3G server and a production MAM by industry newcomer HTS. This combination enables users to remotely create summaries and special playlists as well as allowing event logging and pre-editing during the live recording of shows.

Also of note at IBC is a new phase of development for the company. Mike Gilman, CEO,, said: “We are capitalising on our technological success, we are expanding into new markets.

Kate Krivitskaya has taken on the role of general manager, which will leave me more time to work with partners and investors around the globe. We are expecting the best IBC in our history.”