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Enhanced IP, HDR and audio for Qx

SMPTE 2110 IP signal generation and analysis instruments for the Qx range have been launched at the show, as well as enhanced HDR visualisation capabilities, strengthened support for
audio generation and moving test patterns.

The Qx range offers IP, 4K, UHD and HDR/WCG generation, analysis and video/audio monitoring. It provides fast access to all the advanced, hybrid IP and SDI test and measurement instruments required for transitioning to the next generation of video formats, claimed Phabrix.

The new high-performance IP toolset for SMPTE ST-2110 and ST-2022-6 includes packet interval timing (PIT) analysis for rapid diagnosis of packet congestion, packet loss and jitter. There is also PIT logging for longer term network monitoring, and a packet profile generator for stress testing video networks to ensure robust operation.

The Qx range’s HDR and WCG toolset offers new instruments to enhance the visualisation and analysis of 4K UHD and HD-SDI content to speed workflows. The HDR and WCG tools include a signal generator, CIE chart, luminance heat-map, vectorscope and waveform, all supporting Dolby PQ.

The new IP decapsulation and encapsulation option for the Sx Tag portable range is also being debuted at IBC2017, along with 2K-SDI monitoring and a more versatile, dual instrument display with the Rx 2000 rackmount generator and analyser.