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Egripment offers smooth updates for remote heads

Designed for smaller cameras, the new compact 205/D Digital Remote Head is being aimed at live operation, studio automation and VR/AR

The new compact 205/D Digital Remote Head is designed for smaller cameras, and offers the same precision and smoothness as Egripment’s established 306/D head in a smaller, lighter, more affordable design.

Richard Villhaber, vice president and sales director, Egripment, said, “Thanks to the smaller size and lighter weight of the 205/D, live operation, studio automation and VR/AR has never been this economical and easy to achieve.”

The 205/D has replaced its previous Minishot Digital and Super Shot Heads, and is designed to work with the joystick-controlled 336/DCB Digital Control Box and optional 336/TPM Touch Screen Module and Software, which can handle up to six digital remote heads.

The latest software updates to the systems include an Advanced Interpolated Position Mode, a new motion algorithm for advanced movement generation, so that axis drives run a planned path with maximum smoothness. Co-ordinated multi-axis movements and any profile in a one-axis system can be carried out.

“Most algorithms just drive from preset to preset with a certain defined curve, but the movement through the whole drive path is still segmented,” explained Martin Dreesbach, Egripment’s director of operations. “Very often, this can be seen as steps of a movement, but with the path planner we ensure a smoother, more harmonious drive through the presets.”

Egripment’s heads now also feature direct, full serial drive connection to Canon and Fujinon lenses with Auto Vendor sensing and position encoder feedback (including 4K-PL type lenses).

There is also new sync-free operation and move generation in non-VR applications, reducing complexity in studio cabling and distribution, while the systems can now control an unlimited amount of cameras and systems via a single controller.

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