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Deseo now shipping

Claiming to have an innovative response to pay-TV operators struggling to keep up with demand for 4K, DMT is highlighting its Deseo companion device. DMT said Deseo, first announced at IBC2015, can transform a pay-TV HD gateway set-top box into a secure UHD/4K gateway solution.

According to DMT, many industry-leading pay-TV operators have state-of-the-art HD gateway set-top boxes that offer advanced capabilities, including time-shift, home-sharing, advanced search capabilities and more. However, the company claimed, most of these set-top boxes do not have the HEVC capability that UHD/4K requires.

Thus the set-top boxes of today are expected to quickly become obsolete – but developing their next-gen replacements is expensive and time-consuming.
DMT claimed that Deseo can turn these HD set-top boxes into UHD solutions with a simple software change. This would allow pay-TV operators to quickly respond to market changes, while extending the life of their current set-top boxes at a minimal cost, said the South Korean company. Deseo can also support HDR and VP9.

Deseo works with pay-TV HD gateway set-top boxes for all applications, including UHD/4K broadcasted and OTT content. It also supports the Verimatrix VideoMark watermarking solution.