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Demonstrating the D*AP range

A full range of D*AP products that can deliver a Smart Audio experience are being showcased here at IBC by Jünger Audio. Smart Audio, a new concept from Junger, is focused on the delivery of audio content to a high quality on reliable equipment.

Every device in the range already incorporates a collection of the D*AP adaptive processing algorithms, said the company. They also employ the industry standard Ember+ remote protocol that allows seamless integration with an increasingly wide range of compatible equipment.
Peter Poers, CEO, said: “Our D*AP processors offer automated levelling of individual sources to pre-condition the audio before final loudness-based management.”

“This is combined with auto up-mix to maintain a constant surround experience and the use of auto EQ to ensure consistency of spectral balance and that all-important speech intelligibility,” continued Poers.

“They also incorporate Jünger Audio’s fully adaptive Level Magic loudness control that can adjust audio from any source, at any time, to the right level with no breathing, pumping, or distortion. Only a minimal number of initial parameters need to be set to make these processes work, which means we are already in a position to deliver the Smart Audio solutions that the industry now needs.”

Jünger Audio’s D*AP range includes natural sounding products for loudness control, audio monitoring, audio conditioning and metadata management, and Dolby decoding, encoding and transcoding.