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DAVID: Keep your digital content safe

The multi-member Digital AV MedIa Damage Prevention and Repair project studies how to keep digital audiovisual content usable in the face of adversity. These it numbers as the obsolescence, media degradation, and indeed failures in the very people, processes and systems designed to keep digital content safe.

“For file and tape based digital video DAVID analyses the origin of potential damage and its consequences on the usability of content, detects and restores damage already happened and develops strategies for avoiding future damage in a way that balances long-term costs, risks of loss, and content quality,” explained Peter Schallauer, project leader at Austria’s Joanneum Research.

Among the results demoed at the IBC Future Zone will be essence based damage detection tools for Digital Betacam dropouts and Field Order errors integrated into the essence quality checking system VidiCert. Novel results for noise suppression and DigiBeta Dropout repair are presented.

Cube-Tec will present a high-speed solution to solve interoperability problems with MXF media files in an automatic way. The MXF Legalizer checks MXF files for standard conformance. In addition MXF format variants that are known to be the reason for interoperability issues in typical file-based broadcast chains are also fixed.