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A new virtual studio system is on show from Datavideo. The backdrops are CG images, with support for numerous background images and for downstream keyers like character generators and title overlays.

The TVS-1000 is trackless, so it will not adapt to the movement of the camera. In the software, it is possible to zoom and pan into three phases, in order to suggest that the virtual camera is moving.

The TVS-1000 software supports up to six layers, including a UV map, so it is possible to place a virtual desk or sofa on the virtual set. There is also support for background images, like a logo on the floor or a TV in the background.

Datavideo reported that there’s no need for a separate recorder, as the TVS-1000 has a hard drive recorder built in. It also has a streaming encoder built in.

Lastly, the TVS-1000 will have support for virtual studio sets that can be selected and downloaded from the Datavideo website.