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Through the lens

Pan/tilt/zoom cameras, and a line of block cameras in three different versions, are part of Datavideo’s IBC display.

The BC-50 is a Full HD block camera with built-in streaming encoding. The BC-80 is a Full HD block camera with a 30x optical zoom, while 4K block camera BC-200 has a 4K sensor
and 12x zoom.

Datavideo is also showing its pan/tilt cameras, including the PTC-150. The regular PTC-150 features 3G-SDI output and several different types of control protocols, including its DVIP. The camera captures HD video at 1920×1080 resolution and has a motorised 30x optical zoom capability. There’s also an HDBaseT version available, the PTC-150T.

This single wired camera features the same image quality and optical zoom, but the captured image, control data and camera power all travel through a single Ethernet wire.