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Creamsource+ lights up to PAR

The new Creamsource+ range of light fixtures features a fourth-generation LED light engine that offers greater than 90 CRI/TLCI. The ‘panel PAR’ design offers extra versatility, as it provides a spot function that can be softened with diffusion, lenses
or soft boxes.

Creamsource+ is available in two sizes, the Doppio+ and the Mini+, with a choice of daylight, bi-colour, or tungsten on special order. Besides offering higher light quality than its predecessor, at a lower price, users also get an extended (three-year) warranty, and can choose from bundled accessory kits – Essential, Pro and Gaffer.

Also on show is Outsight’s Creamsource Sky, a high-power (1200W), full-spectrum LED soft source that offers sophisticated colour management. It is also water resistant and comes in a rugged housing, making it as suitable for location work as it is for studio production.