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Colour tuneable super soft lights

Two new soft panel LED lights have been introduced by F&V. The 90W UltraColor Z400S Soft and the 180W Z800S Soft are rated with a TLCI of 97-99 (depending on the colour), but the Z400S can output 1841 lux at 1m, with a beam angle of 130-degrees, or up to 4400 lux at 1m (5600K) using the optional KS-1 intensifier, with a beam angle of 50-degrees.

This extra brightness gives room for further softness – achieved via two optional diffusion stages within the softbox. The panels can also be turned into an omni-directional space light, with an add-on that folds down into a small bag.The bi-colour (3200K-5600K) lights are passively cooled to eliminate noise and are claimed to show no brightness loss at either daylight or tungsten compared to the mixed colour temperatures. They are flicker free up to 15,000fps. Both include a built-in V-mount battery plate (Gold Mount optional) only 8cm deep.